How big is the paycheck for each member of The Avengers?

A list of each superhero and their super paycheck!

We've all wondered - how much does a superhero make?

We have unearthed the paychecks and ranked them from lowest to highest - the list is based on Avengers Group salaries from Avengers: Age of Ultron:


6) Mark Ruffalo - Bruce Banner / Hulk - $2.8 Million (19,800,000 kr.)

Screen time: 24 minutes

Lowest on the list, we find Mark Ruffalo. For ordinary mortals this is  a crazy paycheck, but he still ranks lowest on the list. CGI-filming takes up much of his role and the equipment is quite expensive - Ruffalo receive wages for his role as Bruce Banner, despite the fact that he's actually also acts as 'backstage model' for The Hulk. Screen time is merged between Banner / Hulk-time, so there is not much Ruffalo in the film.

5) Chris Hemsworth - Thor - $5.4 Million (38 millioner kr.)

Screen time: 14 minutes.

The god of thunder pulls a few more gold coins home in hisluggage despite having less screen time than Bruce Banner. He does not have much screen time apart from his discussion with Dr. Selvig and of course the epic battle scenes. He manages, however, to provide some pretty iconic scenes - including his reaction when Cap America seems to move Thor's hammer. Priceless!

4) Jeremy Renner - Hawkeye - $6.1 Million (48 millioner kr.)

Screen time: 20 minutes

Renner has received much more screen time (12 minutes more than the first Avengers) and he's also a much more important piece of the narrative. In addition, he's currently a bigger star than Hemsworth in Hollywood, so he sneaks in front of the god of thunder.

3) Chris Evans - Captain America - $6.9 Million (49 millioner kr.)

Screen time: 50 minutes

It's strange that Evans didn't earned that much more than Renner, when you consider that Evans has almost an hour of screen time in the film. But maybe he's made some sort of insane paydeal in relation to how important his character is going to be in Avengers: Civil War.

Scarlett Johansson - Black Widow - $20 Million (141 millioner kr.)

Screen time: 33 minutes
With a strong focus on women's right to get payed as much as their male counterparts Johansson hits the list with a crazy paycheck. She has been payed a number that's almost bigger than the total sum of the four previously mentioned on the list -  but then again she has also gained immense popularity since her introduction in Iron Man 2 and her huge success in Captain America: Winter Solder. And then she smoking hot, dude..

1) Robert Downey Jr. - Iron Man - $40 Million (282 million kr.)

Screen time: 45 minutes

Downey Jr. aka. King of Marvel plunges into the list with twice as big a paycheck as no. 2 on the list! He's by far the most popular Avenger and because of his eternal 'gracious douchbag'-attitude and awesome Iron Man suit, he deserves every penny.

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